Price list

Compression Therapy
Compression with rehabilitation massage7560 mins
Dedicated compression therapy (1 round)4030 mins
Dedicated compression therapy (2 round)5050 mins
Cryoair Ice Therapy
Cryoair Ice Therapy with rehabilitation massage5530 mins
Dedicated Ice Therapy2015 mins
Deep Tissue Massage
Full body5060 mins
Back, Shoulders or Legs and Arms3530 mins
Initial consultation & treatment6545 mins
Subsequent treatments4930 mins
Initial consultation & treatment6045 mins
Subsequent treatments4530 mins
Shockwave Therapy
Shockwaves with rehabilitation massage8560 mins
Shockwaves with rehabilitation massage5030 mins
Sports Massage
Full body5560 mins
Back, Shoulders or Legs and Arms4030 mins
Taping & Strapping2030 mins